Rich and Happy – Mutually Inclusive?

I have met several people who have more money than they need. Income large enough to cover all spending with surplus cash swelling the bank account year on year. Not all of them are happy people. If you are not in this category you may have convinced yourself that money would make you happy and yet I know these financially privileged individuals who are restless and discontent. It is vitally important for us to learn what really matters to us and have realistic goals that feed our purpose in life.

Obviously lack of security and unaffordable ambitions are a real downer but, so is having lots of money available with no time or energy to utilise it. Planning ahead and balance lifestyle seem to be the most successful combo for contentment – obviously I would say that I am Chartered Financial Planner but, ask yourself how much effort you have put into planning for the future you dream of? It’s the most precious asset you have so plan to use it wisely, dreaming about it may not be enough, you may benefit enormously from working with a professional to hone in on the really important objectives and learn what options are available to help you get where you want to go. Every journey begins with the first step.

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