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Membership Options – Financial Planning & Advice for Women

You don’t know what a difference Women’s Wealth can make to your finances – until you join us.

Our fixed fee membership options are designed to match your current and future financial needs.


New to personal finance (and suspect you should pull up your financial socks)?



  • Level up your knowledgeOnline platform with curated content, online courses to level up knowledge.
  • Live personal finance discussionWeekly “Live” personal finance discussions on topical matters led by qualified advisers.
  • Live monthly ‘Ask Our Adviser’ sessionsMonthly “Live” ask the adviser sessions with qualified advisers.
  • Members’ CommunityMember’s community of like-minded people to share knowledge with.

*We want all women to feel powerful about their money. That’s why Enable costs nothing for 6 months. Beyond that it’s a straight £12 p/m with no tie-in. Or if you’re ready, upgrade to Empower.


Finances with the guidance of a personal professional adviser (aka your Best Financial Friend).

£85 p/m

Everything in Enable, plus:

  • Discovery meetingUs learning about you.
  • Personal Preference meetingUs learning more about you, and also you are discovering more about yourself.
  • Financial planning meeting Analysis of your circumstances, consider scenarios and discuss options.
  • Financial solutions meetingOur findings after analysis, calculation, research, and technical input with some suggestions for moving forward.
  • Financial conclusions meetingQ&A on advice and recommendation after time to reflect. Discuss and agree priorities and actions.
  • Personal financial planning reportWhich details and analyses your circumstances.
  • Advice & recommendation reportDetailing the analysis, calculations, research and technical input that supports our specific advice and recommendations for you.
  • Review meetingsAt least once a year a meeting to update the plan and check progress.
  • Ongoing supportWe fully expect our members will sometimes have financial matters crop up between review meetings.
  • Personal finance portalA safe place to collate and share your important financial information.


Women’s Wealth is 100% qualified to meet the complex needs of our top-earning clients.

£145 p/m

Everything in Empower, plus:

  • Half Yearly Personal financial planning reportHalf Yearly Review Meeting – at least twice a year a meeting to update the plan and check progress.
  • Review meetingsHalf Yearly Personal Financial Planning Report – details and analyses your updated circumstances and progress.
  • Specialist adviceAccess to specialist advice that meets the needs of more complex personal circumstances.
  • Access to more sophisticated and bespoke arrangementsAccess to sophisticated arrangements – appropriate for more developed needs.


Women’s Wealth will increase your financial confidence and boost your money know-how, totally free for 6 months with no obligation.

Whatever your earning power, Enable is a perfect kick-starter.

It shows you the basics and you’ll learn more about us, too.

Follow our newsletters, blogs and live events all about what great things women can do with their money. (And also what they should avoid!).

Shake off old habits and take your first steps to financial control.


You’re earning upwards of £45K+ , so savvy decisions are a must if your hard work is to be rewarded and your future secured. Empower is a 2 year commitment to work with us.

This will give you a firm foundation for financial growth and security, both now and into the future. First we build a relationship through bespoke personal sessions.

We ensure we understand your goals – and any special circumstances. We then carefully plan and guide you to actually take the decisions that will maximise what you have.

Just like a personal Best Financial Friend.


Our highest level of financial care is recommended for women with a greater level of earnings, or with invested assets and more complex tax considerations.

If you earn £100K plus, with potential investments in the region of £250K, this higher level of planning and management ensures that your money is protected and gives you the best return over time.

Enhance still operates as your Best Financial Friend. A Women’s Wealth adviser works with you at every stage, never making assumptions about your individual needs and goals.


Introducing our money mentors – enjoy reading their profiles and getting to know them.

Hit the book now button in their profile to arrange a 15 minute chat.

Financial Planning for Women

Women’s Wealth exclusive market research and product arrangement.

As authorised and regulated Financial Planners and Independent Financial Advisers, WW can offer members selective product arrangement for investments, insurance and pensions. We do this only when it is the most financially beneficial route for you. For members who require this service we charge a fixed fee to cover the additional work and avoid any conflict of interest or influence from commission based products. This will be fully transparent in our discussions with you.