Financial advice and planning for women
whenever they need it.

Women’s Wealth’s task is to maximise what women save and earn.

Financial answers women want – and need.

Experience shows us that women can feel isolated around money and don’t tend to discuss or share detailed personal financial information.
We aim to change that – with Women’s Wealth as your Best Financial Friend (BFF).

Q: Is a woman’s financial journey the same as a man’s?

A: Um… No.   

There are similarities, of course. But women and men can have a different approach to finance.

That’s why our competent team of fully authorised and regulated female financial advisers is trained to specifically guide women’s financial futures.

(And we’re very good at it, too!)


We tell you stuff that nobody else has.

We do this in a way that treats you respectfully as an individual and answers your questions.

From basic money management to advanced and complex tax and investment planning for higher earners, we are at your side.


We level up your financial know-how.

We don’t dictate. Instead we get to know your needs and goals. We work with you to learn where you can (and should) be, then guide you as you make the decisions to get there.

Women’s Wealth is your Best Financial Friend (BFF).


We get you talking about money.

First we learn and assess your starting point, and then account for your personality, past financial behaviours and approach to risk.

We don’t patronise, but help you understand – allowing you to make confident decisions for future success.

Why Women’s Wealth?

We know you don’t want a sales pitch. You want advice that understands your life and your needs.

Our professional advisers relate to their clients as individuals. They coach, inform and listen before they assess what you need to optimise your money and wealth. Then, as your trusted BFF, they help keep your finances safe and working for you.

  • Women sometimes run their lives relationally to others; we support a balanced way of achieving a more inclusive financial planning journey. 
  • You may be taking into account plans for a family, or other life-changing decisions such as sharing a house, marriage or divorce.
  • Your financial decisions will impact your future. Doing nothing will not maximise your wealth.
  • Do you sometimes let money ‘happen’ to you? Whatever you earn, we want to break down the barriers and help you take control.
  • You deserve to control your money.
  • Career breaks for family or other reasons can be negotiated with others so that you don’t miss out long term.
  • We help you expect and demand what is best for you – not best for everyone else.

Deep down, is it time you dealt better with your money?

Learn positive behaviours and make rewarding financial decisions.
Get to know us and take things a step at a time with Women’s Wealth’s three membership packages:
Enable, Empower and Enhance.


Learn the basics and begin to take control with our free and helpful information.

Enable is a solid starting point.


You’re earning well and determined to make your money work better for you.

Empower gets you on the right tracks.


Designed for those with higher earnings, investments and complex tax planning.

Enhance involves you in decision making and gives you peace of mind.  

“WW exists because the financial world is still mostly geared towards Men’s wealth.”

Samantha Secomb, Women’s Wealth Founder and CEO
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