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We are here for you. Despite the challenges of a world battling the spread of Covid-19 we are pleased to say our technology enabled business is open as usual.

Financial answers women want

Independent, authorised and regulated

No fuss, no hassle – no patronising.

Women increasingly run the family finances:  are you meeting your financial goals? You aren’t alone in wanting professional, on-hand advice tailored to your family’s needs.

There is a shortage of experienced, regulated financial advisors – and many charge upward of five thousand pounds to take on a client and several thousands a year for ongoing advice and service

Women’s Wealth (WW) is a new and effective financial planning concept.  Our clients receive the equivalent services of a traditional IFA (Chartered Financial Planner) – at a fraction of the cost.


WW reduces costs, but never quality, by working as an online, collaborative service

Our clients have access to the best regulated financial advice, without being required to cover expensive overheads.  They work with us, but do not hand everything over for us to do.

It’s like having access to the menu of a 5-star chef – without paying for unnecessary extras like an exclusive venue or over-staffed silver service.

Why Choose Women's Wealth?

  • We are a ‘one stop’ shop for your finances – at the end of the phone, whenever you need advice
  • We charge a subscription of £45 per month (£80 for couples)
  • Our work is indemnified and our clients protected under the Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme
  • WW is fiercely independent – increasingly rare in the financial advice market
  • WW advice is 100% impartial.  We receive payment ONLY from our clients
  • WW does not receive commission or investment from any financial services product providers
  • We are proud that WW makes professional advice available to more people

WW is a modern, collaborative service.  However, if you feel you would prefer a traditional face to face experience, we can introduce you to our in-house  wealth management and financial planning service.

We know how time consuming it is to plan, organise and arrange your policies, investments and pensions.  You can trust us to get it all done, and then monitor and manage things going forwards.

Curious to know more?   Visit our Membership page.

People and companies may label themselves as ‘money coaches’ or ‘advisers’.  Always check that they are authorised, regulated and qualified.  Unauthorised advisers are unable to arrange investments.

The point of a Women’s Wealth subscription service is simple: to maximise and protect what you earn, hold or own –  both now and into the future

Financial advice for women

Go to bed each night and dream of your financial planning? (As if!)

But if crucial issues and questions of finance are niggling at the back of your mind… the time to act is NOW.

Women today need and deserve expert financial advice –  money know-how that will get them through the several decades from starting their first jobs, to potentially starting a family –  and then onwards to retirement.

Family finance: not one size fits all

Women often organise the family finance.  But not all families are the same.

It’s imperative that any advice fits the unique profile of each family’s circumstances and goals.

WW helps you and your family prosper by preparing for life’s ups – and also its downs.

Talking about money

WW talks to women about money – because their friends probably won’t

Women share lots of personal facts and advice with their friends, but tend to be private about their finances: our family income, our mortgage repayments – our savings.  This information we keep close to our chests!

Not sharing might reduce our wealth potential.  Or mean that we simply don’t learn about vital things we ought to be planning for.

Women’s Wealth: collaborate, empower and encourage

WW is a competent crack team of very financially-savvy women.  The good news is that we also love to share!  Just like you, we work hard for our money.  And be assured that we are experienced, knowledgeable and qualified.

Forget past mistakes or missed opportunities.  We will take the pressure off.  First, we take a good look at what you have (and what you’re missing!) and assess your needs.  We discover if you are naturally cautious or are up for taking a risk.  Then we make well-informed suggestions that allow you to make the best choices about your assets.


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