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Women’s Wealth is passionate about being useful to women. We have a range of presentations, courses, and online content to inspire, empower and enable women to create fabulous financial futures.

We are keen to support not for profit organisations with free content and presentations and charge reasonable rates to those organisations that are investing in the wellbeing of others. Please contact info@womens-wealth.co.uk  for more information.

Samantha Secomb Founder of Women's Wealth Financial Planning for Women

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Our founder Sam Secomb is an award winning Chartered Financial Planner, Fellow of the Personal Finance Society and passionate about making finances more accessible and appealing to women both as clients and as professional advisers.

Sam is happy to share her research, experience, and thoughts so please do get in touch ww@womens-wealth.co.uk

Research – Women’s Career Progression in the UK Financial Planning Sector

As part of her Executive MBA, our founder Sam Secomb conducted primary research and wrote a paper exploring why women who are adequately qualified to be financial advisers are not practicing as advisers.  Are they selecting against this career option or are they experiencing barriers to entry?

If you are interested in what the research uncovered a copy of the paper is available to download here.

Sam offers her thanks to all the lovely ladies who gave their time to contribute to the research and the CII/PFS for their support in canvassing for interview candidates and supplying data.