Financial advice for women – whenever they need it.

Women’s Wealth?  Tell me more…

What if you had a trusted personal advisor at the end of the phone to answer all your financial questions?

Our membership service has one purpose: to make the best use of your, and your family’s resources.

That is, maximising and protecting what you earn, hold or own –  both now and into the future.

Individual financial advice

WW advisors are professional and approachable.
At the end of the phone, at your convenience.

  • WW advice is practical, bespoke and tailored to your family’s needs
  • WW is independent, authorised and regulated
  • Our work is indemnified and our clients fully protected
  • Subscription is £45 per month (£80 for couples)
  • Our secure online portal keeps you up to date and informed
  • In complex cases, with arrangement of policies, there is an additional fixed fee


First, we listen

Initially, we talk with you to discover everything about your financial situation.  Your personal advisor meets (usually by skype) with you for up to two and a half hours.

She will ask questions and create a profile of where you are, and where you wish to be – helping you to set financial goals and aspirations.  Being realistic, but also ambitious.


Next, we collaborate

Working with you to knock your finances into shape in a way that works for you – not squeezing you into some, one size fits all ‘family mould’.

The decisions we help our clients to take are never ‘off the peg’.  They are expertly tailored to suit each unique situation.  You will ‘cut your coat according to your cloth’ – and we make that coat as brilliantly stylish as possible.


Then – we hang around

Ready to check in with you, answer questions and meet your needs for the next two years.  You can check out what’s happening through our on-line portal.

Our advice remains up to date, and is given by financially qualified women with solid, professional experience in the sector.  And as working women, we guarantee to keep in tune with your needs, too.

Women’s Wealth membership is an investment in your financial future.

First rule: don’t be embarrassed

Mortgages, pension funds, insurance, inheritance tax…

Women are sometimes too embarrassed to ask because they assume they are SUPPOSED to know.

But why should you know?  You’ve spent time amassing qualifications, expertise and knowledge – possibly running a family and home on top.  We absolutely promise you – no question is too silly.  We are at the end of the phone to explain and advise – and we WANT you to ask anything you need.


We fit in with YOU

This fresh and innovative financial subscription service is designed to fit around your life – crucially maximising the potential of your assets and protecting what you have.

Your membership gives you full access to our qualified, expert team.  We are at the end of a phone whenever you need us.  No need to leave work or family to take time out to travel.

Let’s get started!

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A Gym Membership – for your Finances?

Membership costs £45 a month.  This is the equivalent of many gym memberships.

Your body:  everyone knows that exercising your body regularly is an investment.  It keeps it stronger for longer – serving you well as you get older; enabling you to do more of what you want, when you want.

Your money: the right decisions made now will benefit and protect you over the long-haul and keep your money holding its value.

Just like your body, regularly keeping your finances strong will enable you to do more of what you want, when you want.

Simple, Flexible and Confidential

  • Call any time
  • Reactive and proactive response
  • Pay a monthly subscription –  the equivalent cost of most gym memberships
  • Joining ensures you are engaged and serious about your money

Designed to fit around your life

  • Thorough Initial assessment.  We begin with a skype call (or equivalent) of up to 2.5 hours where we assess your situation and offer recommendations
  • We give you a full MOT on your financial situation – nothing missed
  • Our advisors are busy women, too; we know flexibility is important
  • Calls at a time to suit you, including weekends and evenings
  • Utmost security and privacy

Family Financial Planning Checklist Items

(AKA worries you’re probably ignoring…)

The Women’s Wealth team love finance, but we know for some it’s a drag.  But here’s the nitty gritty: over time we’ve seen and heard it all – and these are just a few of the things that could (or should!) be crossing your financial mind.

  • My mortgage deal is coming to an end… What next?
  • This tax bill is huge – what do I do?
  • I think there’s a bit of a gap in my pension… can I ever catch up?
  • I didn’t know which fund was best for my pension and let them decide; how can I check what it was invested in now?
  • Should I be investing?
  • How much should I be investing?
  • What’s the best place to invest for the long term… …and the short

  • How do I catch up financially after being off work for so long?
  • Maximising allowances
  • Insurance?  What insurance???
  • Securing my children’s financial future – education and beyond
  • How big should my emergency pot be?
  • Divorce and Separation: dos, don’ts and a financial survival kit
  • Am I paying too much tax?
  • Embrace risk, or be cautious: what is best for me?
  • Soooo many insurance policies: which should I choose?
  • What’s the point of a will???  I’m not that old!

More Questions?

When should I start thinking about my finances? 

You’re never too young to make sure that you and your family are on track.  The time to act is NOW.  We can help optimise your assets –  both now and in the future.  We can help you make decisions that are right for your family and right for you.

Why “run by women, for women”?

Oh dear.  You want to get on top of your finances, but the financial services aren’t always very good at speaking to women.

And whether they realise it or not, the wrong tone or a distant and overly professional attitude can create an atmosphere where women might not ask the questions they really wanted to ask.  It’s also a fact that most advisors are men trained to give advice to men, so it’s no surprise they can get what YOU need wrong.

On top of that, is the data gap.  The idea that a lot of advice given isn’t even helpful to women.   This is because a female profile or requirements is usually quite different to that of a man’s over a lifetime.

Can I Track My Finances?

Once joined you can track your profile and communicate with us through an online portal.  No set appointment times, or having to travel and park at an office.  You choose when to do this.

What to know more?

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Let’s Get Started!

Get in touch today to start your journey to a better financial future


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