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Let’s make a difference

A research project into Women’s Career Progression in Financial Services needs your support.

If you a qualified professional woman working in financial services, your experience could make a valuable contribution to this research.

I am looking for women willing to do a one and a half hour, online interview, within the next 2 months, so I can gather some much-needed insight into the financial services journey you are experiencing. Women represent only a small portion of senior roles and make up only 16% of the regulated advisers and it would be good to see better gender balance.

I am an Executive MBA student at Warwick Business School and I am dedicating my dissertation to researching this subject in the hopes it will shine some light on how to enable women’s career mobility in financial services.

The project needs interview subjects who are qualified to Diploma level or equivalent in relevant financial services qualifications who do not currently hold senior executive roles or advice clients as a regulated adviser.

I am keen to know if this is by choice or if there are obstacles.

  • If it is by choice, why is your current role more attractive than a senior role/adviser role?
  • If you would advise or take a promotion to senior level, but find the transition difficult, what would make it easier?

Your data would be used carefully, and you would be anonymised to protect any sensitivities. Full details of the process and safeguards are outlined here together with the form you would be asked to sign.

Participant Information Leaflet

Participant Consent Form

Please be assured this is an academic research project with no commercial conflicts of interest and hence no goody bag, prize draw or payment incentive either!

There is nothing more on offer than the hope we can make the world a better place for women by discussing what works for us and what does not and informing the world.


Please email if you would be willing to take part or call on 07866 555933 if you would like to discuss this more or put yourself forward as interview candidate.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you.

Samantha Secomb FPFS
Chartered Financial Planner
Wbs Exec MBA Candidate

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