Do you believe that having more money would make your life easier?

Do you believe that having more money would make your life easier?

For years I thought that just a little bit more money would make it better. There were several years in this journey where I had more money in the bank than in previous years, but you know what happened? I soon found a use for it and what’s more something else caught my eye and once again I had desires that couldn’t be fulfilled – I needed just a little bit more – again!

I didn’t understand that this permanent state of discontentment was a choice. I could not see the perpetual loop and didn’t understand it was about my attitude.

Eventually I worked out that I felt the same about time.  I was always sure that if I could find a bit more time, I would be able to manage things better. I would reorganise things so I could dedicate an afternoon to a project and I would make progress with it, but within weeks I would have spotted something else that needs attention and find I had no “time” to dedicate to it.

It was powerful to realise that there is enough money and time. That the work I needed to do was in deciding how to use my resources to best effect.  One of the hardest parts of the fix was working out what was important to me, but once I got some guidance, learned how to support myself emotionally, physically, and financially, life got a lot more satisfying.

Importantly “more” was not the answer. It was about re-evaluating. Learning to let go of some things, and disappoint some people. Engaging enthusiastically with the important things in life with what resources I had. It turns out, that with this attitude, I have enough.

Financial planning can help you make efficient use of your financial resources. It can be a useful process in identifying what is needed compared to what is wanted. It helps with prioritising and reduces money anxieties.

My work as a financial planner is not really about the money.  It is more about how to use the financial resources to create choice, opportunity, and security.

You can book yourself into my diary for a chat about how financial planning could help you via the book now button in bio.


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