Ho Bloody Ho

Ho Bloody Ho

For many of us Christmas has been cancelled. No family get together. Traditions abandoned. We have either got cupboards overflowing with goodies to feed the visiting family who are no longer coming, or our cupboards are bare in anticipation of someone else doing the cooking.

This year we have seen the global fleet of planes grounded, cities abandoned, supermarket shelves empty, entire sectors of the economy decimated, our health services tested to its limits.  We have watched people die and worried about how to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. Working and learning have changed for most of us and we muse over what it used to be like when we could catch a show or take a weekend trip.

It has reminded me that expectations are resentments in the making. All those things I used to take for granted and now find myself put out by the enforced changes.  I am inclined to try and find someone to blame.  Boris maybe? Is this his bloody doing? The rational part of me knows there is no one to blame, but I still feel I should be able to pin it on someone and find myself judging others in search of a culprit.

The first comparison my head does whenever things do not go my way is with the lucky so and so’s who are not adversely affected or who have, by some quirk of fate, benefited from mayhem of this year. I must make an effort to consider how lucky I am compared to so many who have suffered much more than I have, and when I make that effort, I feel the healing power of gratitude in my life.

So I am writing the last post of 2021 feeling anxious because the death rates from Covid-19 are rising, tired from relentless adaptations, vulnerable in the face of nature’s power, but grateful for the fact I live in a civilised country with a National Health Service and economy that deliver things like furlough schemes and grants. Thankful for my health, my warm and comfy home, the family I rely on, the team I work with and the many lovely people I know. Oh  and Rita the terrier of course! I wish you all the very best festive season even though it may be a compromise on expectations this year.


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